Finishing what I started!

Wow, it’ MARCH 2015! And I think my last post was something like 5 months ago… Can you tell I’m not good at finishing the things I start! But it’s not entirely my fault – my o-so-supportive husband who was very encouraging for … Continue reading

A horse & a buggy

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On to the next big adventure. And this one turned out to be well worth the drive! Ok, start at the start. Trav found an ad on Gumtree advertising for an “Outback Physiotherapist to teach sport to our children, who … Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognaise with a side of Haggis, served with Devonshire tea and a pint of Guinness (or The Pub, Part 2)

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After about 7 weeks of working 7 days we put in for a little holiday. We had banked up our days off so that we could go away for 5 days, not just hang around the pub with nothing to … Continue reading

The Pub, part 1

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Onwards into the Northern Territory. On the way to work at a middle-of-nowhere pub, somewhere between Katherine & Tennant Creek. The thought of going back into a kitchen was both exciting and disappointing for Trav – he really wants to work on … Continue reading

Choppers, cattle & Cruisers

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Following the hype of the wedding it was off to work and as it was mustering season, surprise surprise it was straight in to mustering. First up was about 500 head at a paddock 2 hours away from the homestead … Continue reading

An Outback Wedding

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Ok yes, I said these next posts would come quick & fast but my computer broke! Well, to be more specific, my photo software cracked it and I thought what’s a post without photos? Especially about a wedding! But anyway here … Continue reading

Sun, Rum & Welcome to the Outback

Due to 5am starts on the station combined with lack of internet, it’s been a long time since our last post and we have a lot to catch up on. So the plan here is to hit you with two, … Continue reading

Life is a highway…?

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Sorry Tom Cochraine, I have to disagree on that one. While sometimes it feels like you’re flying down a smooth strip of fresh blacktop, I think life is more of a half maintained gravel road. Mostly it goes ok, until … Continue reading

Wide open spaces


Well, as most of our family & friends will know by now we have made the big decision to pack away most of our lives, sell the rest, and travel. Yep we’re heading out on the open road, no fixed address, for an unspecified amount of time.

There have been a few contributing factors to this decision, but mostly we just cant sit still! As anyone who knows us would realise… we do love to explore this huge wonderful country any chance we get. Continue reading